Release 1.38

List View Updates

  • Sort by Status
    - Now you can sort all your tasks by Status in List view! 

  • Quickly rename Tasks
    - Edit task titles without opening a task window - just hover over the title and click the rename (pencil) icon.

  • Quickly Add Subtasks to New Tasks
    - Quickly create subtasks without leaving List View - just hover over the task and click the Subtasks icon. 


Last Activity for Users

  • Know which of your team members are actively using ClickUp - take a trip to your Team's user page. 


Resize Sidebar

  • Condense or expand the ClickUp sidebar to your liking! 



  • You'll now see a notification dot indicator in your browser tab when you have new notifications! 



Preview Plain Text Files

  • Content for files ending in .txt can now be previewed without leaving ClickUp


Time Tracking for Manual Time


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