Release 1.41

CSV Import

  • Add tasks in bulk from any source with a CSV file

  • Re-map any columns from your CSV's format to a ClickUp field

  • Multiple values per column accepted

  • See all previous or in-progress imports and ability to delete them


Multitask Toolbar for Subtasks (and ability to reorder subtasks)

  • Oh yeah! Take the same powerful functionality of the multitask toolbar to your subtasks!

  • Automatically re-order your subtasks with the click of a button!


Trash Can

  • Deleted tasks are stored in a 30 day waiting room so you can restore tasks you didn't want to delete. 


Description Version History

  • Now you've got version control for task descriptions! You'll never lose your description again, even if someone accidentally overwrites it. 



Remap Subtask Due Dates

  • Now, when you change a parent task due date that has subtask(s) with due dates, we'll ask you to automatically change subtask due dates by the same change you make the parent!

  • For example, if you increase the parent task due date by 5 days, we'll also increase subtask due dates by 5 days. 

  • This feature is optional  and can be disabled from your ClickApp settings. 


Right Click Menu

  • Now you can right-click entire Projects and Lists to reveal their action menus.

  • This works in List and Board views as well 



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