Release 1.45

/Slash Commands


This one is truly revolutionary, it will change the way you use ClickUp. 

We created this feature with the only intention of saving you time. Instead of having to click around, you can quickly use your keyboard for most common actions.

Just try typing  / in any text field in Task, List, Board, or Time View.




A breakthrough in removing unnecessary clicks from your workday - the QuickSwitch let's you quickly move between Spaces, Projects, and Lists with a few keystrokes. 

Pressing k on your keyboard or clicking the lightning bolt icon above your sidebar opens the QuickSwitcher. 


Reschedule Dependencies [ClickApp]


ClickUp will now automatically change all tasks' Due Dates that are dependent (waiting on) a task that is blocking them when that that blocking task's Due Date is adjusted.

This can be enabled or disabled at any time from the new dependencies ClickApp in your team settings page.







  • Automatically change task status via GitLab by adding the ClickUp task ID in any part of the commit message with a hashtag in front of it as well as the status you want inside brackets

  • Watch the task's status change in this video. Example: #u7hu[staged]



  • Ability to show tags on tasks

  • Ability to show/hide hours of the day (useful if you only use all day tasks - you can hide h

  • Now shows the current time with a horizontal line



  • Printing tasks, Lists, Boards, and more has been refined to fit even more important information on the page


Recurring tasks 

  • Recurrence history is now more detailed. You'll be able to see when recurrence is set, recurrence is triggered, a new task is created from recurrence, a recurrence is missed, and more!


Alexa and Google Assistant

  • Change your default List with the "Change my default list" command 


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