Release 1.44

Board View v2

We've reinvented Board view from the ground up with features such as:

  • Sorting

  • Hide empty columns

  • Collapse columns

  • Redesigned cards

  • One-click closing tasks

  • Multitask Toolbar

  • Edit columns

  • Cover images

  • View all tasks

  • Archive tasks (or an entire column)


Pin Cover Images


By default, ClickUp now sets the most recent image as a preview in Board view. You may also customize which image is always shown by Pinning an image to a task. When you open a Task, this image will be shown at the top - front and center.

PS - don't want to see images in Board view? You don't have to - we made it optional.


View All Projects and Spaces in Board view

  • When viewing all Projects or Spaces in Board View, all possible custom status columns will be shown

  • Dragging a task through the board will automatically hide columns where the task can't be dragged to.


Multitask Toolbar in Board view

  • Select individual tasks in board view or an entire column to mass edit tasks with the Multitask Toolbar


Archive Tasks

Archiving a task removes it from view but allows you to restore it at anytime. All tasks are preserved and are still searchable. + bulk archive tasks with the Multitask Toolbar or an entire column in Board view.


Collapse Columns in Board view

Remove columns that aren't important to you by collapsing the status in Board View


Hide Empty Columns in Board view

Get rid of the noise! You now have the option to hide all columns that don't have tasks, so you can declutter and see what matters.



GitLab: Support for Self-hosted

  • You may now connect self-hosted GitLab installations to your ClickUp team



  • Exports now include columns for tags, checklists, and time estimates

  • This includes team exports as well as reporting exports


Multitask Toolbar

  • Add dependencies

  • Archive tasks


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