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Custom Fields

Yep, they're here! Now you can use ClickUp for ANYTHING. Track, sort, and filter work according to your team’s needs. The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few field types:

  • Dropdown - Select an option from your pre-determined fields with optional colors. Great for scrum points.

  • Number  - Add any number to this field. Great for creating your own task ranking system.

  • Currency - USD, Euro, Great British Pound. Great for setting expense rates for tasks. 

  • Text - Add any text into this field type

  • Email - Add an email address to set a Mail-To link and quickly open your default email client with a simple click

  • Phone - Set an a county and input a number to quickly make a call with a simple click

  • Date - Set a date from the calendar selector

  • Checkbox - Check or uncheck this field 

Note: Custom fields are available in all plans, but Free Forever teams are limited to 100 uses (the usage does not decrease after unsetting or deleting tasks)


Coming Soon: 

  1. Custom fields on mobile

  2. Add Custom Fields when creating tasks

  3. Reporting for custom fields: you'll be able to measure and calculate things like budget, velocity, and virtually anything you can imagine. 



Sort Tasks

  • Use the custom fields you've create to sort tasks in List View. This is how you make custom fields work for you!



  • Customize exactly what tasks you're interested in by setting custom fields and filtering your tasks by them. 

  • Each field type has its own options for singling out matches


Remap dependencies

  • When you change the due date of a task with dependencies, ClickUp will automatically adjust the due dates of tasks dependent on this task. 

  • Now, ClickUp will adjust start dates in the same way!



  • Creating new tasks from a Space, Project, List, or task template now includes all subtask data. If you had descriptions, files, tags, or any details associated with subtasks, they can now be copied in your template!



  • Links from Mindnode will be properly parsed so you may open them from ClickUp.


Recurring Tasks

  • We've added more information regarding recurrence activity to your task's history.

  • This includes: user adjusts settings, new task is created, skipped recurrences, and more!



  • Use an upper or lower-case K to open the QuickSwitch menu.


Personal Users

  • If you're a solo user, you may now convert your team to a personal workspace by visiting your team settings.


Archive Tasks

  • We've added the option to archive tasks when right-clicking a task.



  • Esc will now close the pop-out when creating a new task from the New Task button in your dashboard.

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