Release 1.51

Resize Images in Tasks

  • Resize images added to the task description

  • View images from a task's description in full screen


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Speed: 200% Faster

ClickUp is now on average 200% faster loading the app, loading tasks, and changing Spaces. It's just the beginning! We'll be continually improving the speed over our next few releases. 

  • 120% faster task load time

  • 250% faster switching Spaces

  • 60% faster initial load time



Custom fields reporting

  • Calculated fields now work with dropdowns containing numbers
    - Useful for managing scrum points

  • Re-order and edit dropdown custom fields
    - Prevents re-working existing fields 

  • Extremely useful for SCRUM and Agile points 



  • Improved animations


Coming next: Privacy, Sharing, and Permissions

You've been waiting for this! We wanted to get it just right, and we're really close to releasing this incredible set of features. 

Soon, you'll be able to set privacy for Projects, Lists, and even Tasks!


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