Release 1.54

  • Updated

Two-Factor Authentication (Business Plan)

  • Ensure your team is protected from any unauthorized access by requiring ClickUp's two-factor authentication (2FA) for the whole team. 

  • 2FA can also be enabled on a personal level for all users.


Google Single Sign On (Business Plan)

  • As a team admin, you can now require that people log in (and sign up) with your Google G Suite organization. You also can just make it optional to do so. 

  • You also can (optionally) allow anyone at your organization to sign up for ClickUp, and automatically be added to your team. 

  • As a user, you can sign in (or sign up) with Google as long as you're on at least one team on the Business plan.


Navigate to Previous and Next Task

  • Jump to an adjacent task without closing a task window

  • Open a task and use the arrows on the left and right of the screen to move to next or previous task

  • Save even more time by using the hotkeys ctrl + shift + left or right arrow


Hyperlinks in Task Titles

  • Open links inserted into task titles



Remapping start dates in templates

  • Remap start dates with due dates when creating items from templates


Notepad by ClickUp

  • History - View and revert changes

  • Printing - Print your notes in a visually pleasing way


Task Tray



  • Calculations for each column in the completed, worked on, team points, and who's behind reports



  • Option to show parent task names for subtasks in list and board

  • Keep subtask toggle on when refreshing



  • Printing will always use normal theme even while in Dark Mode


Due Dates

  • ClickUp now handles 12:00am as due today

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