Release 1.56


Plan, manage, and track - anything you can imagine! Goals work perfectly for things like OKR's, Sprints, Weekly scorecards, and virtually anything that requires alignment. 

Now you can link tasks and lists into one central location for tracking.

Coming soon: Folders, Reporting 


Smart Links


ClickUp automatically recognizes and groups your unfurled links in one convenient place. Links that allow unfurling are also now automatically unfurled (no more clicking to Embed )


Time Tracking: Add time retroactively 

Now, you can add tracked time at any time you desire. 



Time Tracking: Edit time logs

Need to manage your team's tracked time? Make adjustments to anyone's time logs (if you're an admin ). 


Gantt Updates

Schedule tasks down to the hour with the all new hours scale!


Color tasks on Gantt View based on their priority. 



Gantt View

  • Today is now permanently highlighted. 

  • Adjust task start and due dates from sidebar and see the changes reflected on the chart.

  • Expanding lists will focus view on first task in the list


Multitask Toolbar for Subtasks

  • Bulk convert subtasks to tasks with the toolbar!


Filters for Dependencies

  • Filter your tasks based on their dependencies!


Time View

  • Sort unscheduled tasks by the List they live in.

  • Show custom fields on task elements.


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