Release 2.15

[NEW] Export & Import Docs

Easily download your ClickUp Docs as PDF, Markdown, and even HTML files! Plus, you can now import Docs using Markdown and HTML.

Filetypes supported:

  • HTML

  • PDF (Export only)

  • Markdown

To get started, click the download button (shown below) on any Doc!


Deletion Permissions (Enterprise)

With this new Enterprise feature, you can prevent people from deleting items that they didn't create. 

Admins will always be able to delete items (even if they didn't create them).


Offline Inbox: Create Reminders & Sync Inbox Offline

Know what happened yesterday and what's coming down the pipeline from anywhere in the world! Load your Inbox offline and create reminders while offline - they'll automatically sync as soon as you're back online. 



CSV Import: Subtasks

You're now able to import subtasks when using the CSV import.

Import Custom Fields from Asana & Trello

Goodbye Asana and Trello! Import custom fields from your Asana Projects and Trello Boards right into ClickUp! 

All types of custom fields from each platform are now supported.


Create Tasks With Markdown via API & Zapier

ClickUp tasks now handle full markdown when created via the API and Zapier. This allows you to automate the creation of tasks without losing your beautiful descriptions. 



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