Release 2.16

List view & Board view: Group by None

Previously, tasks in ClickUp required grouping, but now you're able to remove grouping altogether! 

This allows you to see all tasks without separation for easy sorting in a simple view. 


Shared item invite email + notification

  • Formerly, when you shared things with people in ClickUp, they weren't notified at all. Now, you'll receive an email and/or in-app notification if something (such as a List, Task, or Folder) is shared with you!


Board view: Show task ID

  • From the ... menu, toggle on Show task IDs  to easily view task IDs on your Boards without having to click into the task! 



  • Offline Inbox Reminders

  • Tons of bug fixes and usability updates coming over the next few months!


Coming Soon:

  • Dashboards: Today we released a new logging system in order to gather data points needed for displaying your dashboards. 

  • Forms: Today we also released a new public architecture in preparation of our public forms feature coming very soon. 


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