Release 2.11


We've added TONS of new endpoints to our powerful new API. Now, you're able to manipulate virtually anything through your apps! 

Here's a list of what's new:

  • Attachments 

  • Checklists 

  • Comments 

  • Custom Fields 

  • Dependencies 

  • Folders

  • Goals

  • Lists

  • Members

  • Shared Hierarchy

  • Spaces

  • Tags

  • Tasks

  • Task Templates

  • Teams

  • Time Tracking

  • Views

  • Webhooks


Zapier V2

Let Zapier do more of the hard work with ClickUp's all new triggers and actions!


Powerful new triggers:

  • When a task changes: Status (choose any status in your Workspace or even select all done statuses) Assignee added, Priorities, Tag added

  • When a new task is created

  • When a new List is created

  • When a new Folder is created


Every ClickUp action:

  • Create a new Task

  • Create a new Folder

  • Create a new List

  • Add time tracked to a task

  • Post a comment to a task

  • Post an attachment to a task

  • Post a checklist to a task 

  • Post a subtask to a task


[NEW] Box Integration 

Connect your Box account with ClickUp to quickly attach files to tasks and comments!


[NEW] Tables

Now you can add tables to tasks, docs, and comments! Just use the all-new /table  slash command!



Embedding V2:
Expand, collapse, and even resize embedded videos, websites, and images, anywhere in ClickUp



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