Release 2.13

Link to a Specific Comment

Now you can reference comments in ClickUp to share information with people anywhere.

Simply copy the comment URL and send people right to a comment in your Workspace.


Change Dashboard Size

Choose what size you want your Dashboard to be! If you like things bigger, choose Large - or if you'd prefer seeing more on your screen, choose Compact .

Dashboard size options:

  1. Compact

  2. Normal (default)

  3. Large


Drag-and-Drop Task Mentions

Quickly move task mentions around to reorder them. This is especially useful when you are trying to create a priority list of tasks.



People Sidebar: A brand new sidebar that lets you see everyone in your Workspace and how many tasks they have in your current view.

The People Sidebar lets you quickly select who you want to see and the tasks they're involved in.


Take it one step further with the assigned comments button at the bottom to reveal tasks where selected users also have assigned comments. 


CSV Import: When mapping custom fields during an import, all fields will now be available across your entire Workspace. Previously, you could only use the fields that existed in the Space you were importing into. 


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