Release 2.19

Dashboards (Beta)

For the first time ever, create graphical reports inside ClickUp! Dashboards are the best way to build high-level views of everything going on in your Workspace! 

Use customizable widgets, the building blocks of Dashboards, to give you valuable insight into tasks, sprints, projects, people, and so much more. 

Plus, you can even add docs, conversations, and embed anything inside of your Dashboards. 

Now, you can create your own mission control center for your entire team, building things like:

  • Task Tracking Dashboards

  • Sprint Status Dashboards

  • HR & Hiring Dashboards

  • Business Health & Overview Dashboards 

  • Onboarding Dashboards

  • And pretty much anything you can imagine. Soon, we'll be adding templates to help spark your creativity! 

Note: Dashboards are automatically available in your Workspace, but you can easily turn them off in your ClickApps settings.


[NEW] Modern Layout

Locate all of your Spaces, Folders, and Lists in a completely redesigned layout! The Modern layout keeps everything in a single navigation sidebar, giving back screen space. With no more division between Spaces, Folders, or Lists, it's even easier to find your work!

Simply open the Sidebar settings through the Space settings cog and select Layout size & style to make the switch!


[NEW] Import

If you're still using a project management platform that reminds you of the worst day of the week, say goodbye! Import any of your boards into ClickUp in just a few simple steps! Map your boards to an existing Folder in ClickUp, or create a brand new Space.


In-App Resource Center

A completely reimagined way to learn ClickUp, contact support, and even report bugs! Now, you can access features inside the app like:

  • Onboarding Videos

  • Learning Guides

  • On-Demand Demo

  • Request Features

  • Submit Bug Reports

  • And of course, contact our world-class support team!


Search Improvements

Before, it sometimes was difficult to find results that exactly matched what you were looking for. Now, you can choose what type of search to use: 

  1. Relevant (Current)

  2. Recent (NEW): Display results based on how recent the item was updated 

  3. Exact Match (NEW): Only display results that exactly match what you're searching 


Mobile Improvements

Creating tasks, reminders, notes, and viewing the task tray is now centralized in the mobile main navigation - giving you more room to view your Spaces, Folders, and Lists on the go! We've got a LOT more improvements on the way in our next release. 



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