Release 2.18

[NEW] Collaborative Editing

This feature is in BETA. You must enable it in your ClickApps.

Just like Google Docs, now everyone on your team can edit in ClickUp together, in real-time! 

When someone else is editing, you see their live cursor typing in real-time. Edit at the same time without having any collisions. 


This works everywhere in ClickUp, including:

  • Docs

  • Task Description

  • List Description

  • Goal Description


[NEW] Custom Fields: Long & Short Text

Text fields just doubled! Previously, you only had one option for text in custom fields. Now, you now have two different types of custom text fields:

  1.  long text  - perfect for notes and task details you'd like to see in List view

  2.  text - not new, but just right for short text fields

You'll find both of these custom fields are also available in the new Form view


Integromat V2

Let Integromat automate more with all new triggers and actions! Integromat connects ClickUp to hundreds of other apps, and it is now fully equipped with ClickUp's API V2.


Powerful new triggers:
In Integromat, watching an area means any changes found can trigger an action

  • Watch Spaces

  • Watch Folders

  • Watch Lists

  • Watch tasks

  • and more!


Powerful new actions:

  • Add tag to a task

  • Make an API call

  • Upload task attachment

  • Add tracked time

  • Edit a task with custom fields

  • and more!


Powerful new searches:

  • List all accessible custom fields 

  • List all Lists

  • List all tags

  • List all Folders

  • List all filtered tasks

  • and more


Remove ClickUp Branding on Forms

Business & Enterprise customers now have the option to turn off ClickUp branding on public forms! Simply toggle ClickUp branding  off in your settings sidebar to remove it from your form. 


List View: Major performance improvements 🎉🎉🎉

Previously, if you loaded hundreds or thousands of tasks in List view, you may have seen a negative performance impact such as slowness. 

We've now implemented our own custom virtual scrolling that allows you to load thousands of tasks without any performance impact. 

Note: This feature will be available on mobile next week.


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