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Transitioning to working remotely has affected millions of workers all over the world. Keeping an entire organization in sync and productive while working remotely presents new challenges and adventures for the entire team. Luckily, ClickUp was made to help you manage your team effectively, whether you're working side-by-side or from a distance!

ClickUp is an all-in-one work management tool created to help teams achieve transparency, facilitate clear communication, and best of all, it's a place for everyone in the team to collaborate. No matter where your teammates are located, you can bring them into your ClickUp Workspace and work together effectively.

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Collaboration tools

With the rise of remote work, collaboration is the cornerstone of remote teams. Here are some of our top tools to help you collaborate with your team effectively.

Tasks: Our bread and butter

Assign tasks directly to your team, so everyone knows exactly what they need to be working on and when! Instead of communicating via email, and trying to figure out who is doing what, tasks are the perfect home for a new level of collaboration, no matter where your team is located!

Here are just a few benefits of assigning tasks:

  • Never miss a deadline when everyone can see exactly when tasks are due on our Calendar view!

  • Track tasks by assignee and run reports using Custom Cards in our Dashboards.

  • Know exactly how many tasks you have assigned to each person in Team view.

  • Assigned tasks will appear in user profiles so you can see at a glance what your team is working on.

  • Need an agenda for daily progress meetings? See what tasks your users are accessing in Pulse view!

See more about Dashboard Custom Cards and calendar integrations below.

Pulse overview

Our brand new Pulse overview allows you to see who is working on their assigned tasks each day! Pulse view is just the beginning of a fundamentally new way to work remotely.

Pulse view uses machine learning to know what your team is most focused on right now. Using the tasks you're working on most, Pulse creates automatic activity reports to easily see where time is being spent.

Ever get through a busy day and wonder what you worked on? Or maybe working remotely has everyone disconnected, and you're here to ensure urgent tasks are being worked on. Now you can see it all with Pulse!

Gif of someone using Pulse to see Workspace activity.

Collaborate on Docs

Our collaboration features in Docs let you see real-time edits! If multiple people are assigned to the same project, you can both work in the same Doc and see exactly where the other person is working! Make real-time edits without overlap.

Gif of multiple users collaborating on a Doc simultaneously.

Working with guests

With each user on your account, you're allowed a limited number of permission controlled guests.

Permission settings let you decide what people can (and can't) do inside of ClickUp. For example, you may not want certain people to be able to edit your stuff. That's where having guests and user permissions comes in handy!

Here is just some of what guests can and cannot do in your Workspace!

  • Guests do not have access to Spaces: you invite them to specific Folders, Lists, or tasks.

  • Guests cannot create or delete Spaces, Folders, or Lists. You can choose to allow them to create views or not.

  • Guests have orange squares on their avatar, so you can easily identify them.

  • You can hide Time Estimates, Time Tracking, Tags, and Custom Fields from Guests (paid plan only).

  • Guests do not have access to, Reporting, Goals, and Portfolios. However, you can share a Goal with a Guest. Guests do have view-only access to Dashboards

Tip: you can have as many read-only guests as you need!

Publicly share information

Working remotely means that you have to change how you share information with external stakeholders! Don't want some people to have to create a ClickUp account just to review one thing? Never fear, you can create a public sharing link, so they won't have to create an account!

Share any Folder, List, view, or task with a link!

  1. Visit any List, Board, or Calendar view on any Space, Folder, or List level

  2. Locate Share next to the ... menu

  3. Toggle on Public sharing

  4. Toggle on Share all Tasks if you want to allow people to click into tasks

  5. Copy the link or embed code

  6. Share your view with anyone!

Gif of someone sharing a view.

Learn more about public sharing!

Maximize your communication

One of the most important things while working remotely is communication! Whether it be vital information needed to complete tasks or remote work policies, you'll want to help your employees always know exactly where to look for the information they need!

Task comments

Has remote work swamped your inbox? Task comments allow you to keep everything right where you need it! No more back-and-forth or countless reply-all emails; all the information you need is in one place! This also allows you to communicate about a specific task without inundating the rest of the team with the information they might not need yet - or ever!

Best of all, you can turn task (or Doc) comments into assignments! As you discuss a task, you may realize you need to take action on a particular comment. Just assign that comment to one of your team members, and you won't miss any action items!

Gif of someone assigning a comment.

Select any text in your Doc to turn it into an assigned comment! Once a comment is added, any replies will be threaded within the Doc. Keep track of all your assigned comments in Docs by looking in the Assigned to me section of your Docs Home.

Pro tip: Want to confirm that you've seen a comment? Turn on the Reactions to Comments ClickApp and just add a thumbs up! ­čĹŹ This helps your team know that you're on top of things!

Chat view

Chat view replaces external channels, and keep all of the communication in one place. That way, related discussions about a project are connected to the project!

Add a Chat view by clicking the + at the top of your screen, and selecting Chat view!

ClickUp makes it easy for you to keep all of your communication in one place so that your employees aren't guessing where to look to find the information they need!

Integrate communication tools like Slack

ClickUp integrates with thousands of tools that you may already use, including Slack! Create general channels for various departments, or even create fun channels to help create connections and build comradery! You may not be able to have a happy hour together, or see pictures of each other's pets on their desks, but you can create those connections through Slack!

Slack also connects with ClickUp so it's not just a place for fun: it helps you keep track of your team's remote communication!

Gif of someone creating a task in ClickUp from Slack using the integration.

Communicate and manage requirements

Communicate important company policies with your entire team, and confirm that they have seen the information! Create a List of important information that all employees need to know, including work from home policies, how they should request leave, how to communicate with the team, and more!

Add a checklist to each of these tasks with employee names so that each employee can acknowledge that they are aware of company policies!

Create Custom Fields to show when policies were last updated or even link to relevant company policies!

Use Doc views to create a guide for all of your employees on your company's remote work policies. Create docs, wikis, and knowledge bases anywhere in ClickUp. Each doc is flexible and allows an unlimited number of pages.

If you created a List with remote work policies, you can mention any relevant Docs in the task comments or description by typing @@@ and then the title of the Doc!

What's even better? Docs are sharable! Create a public link to give anyone access with the permissions you choose.

Screenshot of a Doc's sharing modal.

Read more about using docs here!

Track Progress and Meet Your Goals

Working remotely can make it challenging to be productive, but we're here to help! ClickUp has tools to make it easy to see your progress towards your goals and understand exactly where you need to focus your efforts to make your team and company successful.


ClickUp's Goals help you track your progress over a set period of time.

Simply set up the Targets you want to accomplish, whether it be:

  • Completion of a task within ClickUp

  • True/False completion of an action item

  • Working towards a number of tasks completed

  • or a set monetary value

As you mark each Target complete, you'll see your progress automatically grow towards 100%!

Use Dashboards to track your projects

Dashboards help you bring your team together, no matter where they are in the world! Custom Cards allow your remote team to see big picture progress, keeping them motivated, and focused on your goals, tracking the exact metrics for your team's success!

Here are some Custom Cards you may want to explore!

  • Line Charts help you see at-a-glance tasks assigned to each team member

  • Pie Charts can be used to show the number of tasks in each status

  • Battery Charts can track tags used

  • Calculation Cards will show you a simple calculation of how many tasks have been created or are in each status

Screenshot of a Dashboard.

Manage your team schedule

Are you working with a partially furloughed workforce, or just need to create an employee schedule so everyone knows when others are working? When you're working remotely, you can't just look at your coworker's desk to see if they are there!

Create a schedule in ClickUp so that you can know when everyone will be online! Here are two setup ideas!

Option 1:

  1. Create a List with a task for each day of the week

  2. Create Custom Field columns for each shift that you need to fill

  3. Use our multiple assignees feature to assign as many people to each day as needed!

Screenshot of Custom Fields being used for scheduling in List view.

Tip: Don't forget to add an option for out of office!

Option 2:

  1. Create a List with columns for numerical Custom Fields! One for their weekly available hours, and 1 for each day of the week

  2. Add each employee as a task to that week

  3. Have employees add hours available to each Custom Field for the week

  4. Insert a Formula Field to show their capacity - subtracting the hours worked each day from the number of hours they set as available. Easily see the number of hours they still have available in the column!

Screenshot of Formula Custom Fields being used for scheduling in List view.

Grow team culture

Want to create opportunities for your team to create and maintain connections? ClickUp integrates with tools that many companies use to maintain team culture, especially from a distance, including Zoom and Slack!

It's more important than ever to maintain a team culture. Use ClickUp to help your remote workers feel connected to the rest of the team!

Meetings continue, even while we're all working remotely! To make things easier, ClickUp now has a Zoom integration!

Create a recurring task for your meetings, assign all of your teammates or add them as watchers, and connect the Zoom app!

When a meeting starts, a link will be posted in the comments section of the task (all watchers on the task will get a notification) and unfurl with a quick join button, current meeting participants, etc. Once finished, Zoom will post a link to the meeting recording right into your task.

The task description is the perfect place for you to keep the meeting agenda, and use the comments section of the task to take notes!

Tip: Check out our pre-made Folder template "Manage Meetings" to help you get started!

To get ideas on how you can connect with your team and build team culture even from a distance, check out our blog here!


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