Troubleshoot imports

Having trouble getting your data imported into ClickUp? Here are a few things you can try yourself to get your projects imported successfully! 

Troubleshoot imports that are in progress

There are several ways to troubleshoot in progress imports.

Monitor an import's progress

You can monitor the progress of your import from the Import settings page:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click your Workspace avatar.

  2. Click Settings.
  3. From the sidebar, select Imports / Exports.

  4. You'll see any imports that are in progress listed here.

    • Alternatively, click the Check status button from any Settings page.

Screenshot of the import in progress bannger.png

These are the statuses you'll see as your import is processed.

Import status Description
Import Queued We're getting ready to start your import.
Import Pending Your import is in progress.
Import Completed Your import was successful.
Import Failed Your import didn't work this time. We'll cover this situation in the next section.

My import is taking a long time

We do our best to import your data efficiently, but some other platforms have technical limits that may cause imports to take a while.

We've noted any specific limitations on each platform's import doc. You can find a list of the platforms we can import from here.

ClickUp doesn't enforce any limits on the data you import.

You may be prompted to upgrade once you've finished importing and start using specific features. Here are a few things to watch out for if you are on our Free Forever Plan:

  • Attachments (100 mb storage)

  • Custom Fields (100 uses)

  • The total number of Lists you're importing (100 Lists in a Space, including Lists in Folders)

If you're having issues with your import, you can cancel it at any time and restart it.

To cancel an in progress import:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click your Workspace avatar.

  2. Click Settings.
  3. From the sidebar, select Imports / Exports.

  4. Find the import that's in progress.

  5. Click Cancel Import.

My import failed

Imports can fail because your file includes merged columns with two different values or a required field doesn't have a mapped column.

If neither of these apply to your import, please reach out to our Support Team by clicking the Chat Bubble icon in the lower-right corner of the screen. Our team will help you import your data successfully.

Import reports

Once an import has been completed, you can review an import report which includes files with items that were duplicated, failed to import, or were not imported.

From the Import / Export settings page:

  1. Click download summary report (Beta).
  2. Browse for the downloaded file.
  3. Extract and open the zipped folder.
  4. Review the CSV file.

Each file contains information about tasks that had issues during your import. If any of the CSV files are empty, then no tasks were duplicated, failed, or missing.

Report information Description
Import details This file contains the Import ID which can help our support team troubleshoot specific imports.
Duplicate items

Tasks that were created in ClickUp multiple times.

To identify and resolve any duplicated tasks, you can:

  • Review the imported tasks in ClickUp and manually archive or delete any duplicate tasks.
  • Delete imported tasks and retry your import.
Failed items

Tasks that the importer tried and failed to import into ClickUp.

To identify and resolve any failed items, you can:

  • Manually create tasks.
  • Delete all imported tasks and retry your import.
Missing items

Tasks that were not imported into ClickUp.

  • Manually create tasks.
  • Delete all imported tasks and retry your import.

Troubleshoot issues after importing

Troubleshoot your import after its completion.

I'm missing recurring tasks

Right now, we can't import the recurring settings from other platforms. You'll need to import those tasks and then set up their recurring options in ClickUp.

My import is complete, but I can't find my data

One of the easiest ways to find your recently imported data is to use our Search feature!

Simply search for the name of a task you imported! 

You can also expand and look through the Sidebar to find the location where your data imported. It'll be named something like CSV import.

I need to edit a lot of my imported tasks

The Bulk Action Toolbar allows you to edit multiple tasks quickly.

You can use the Bulk Action Toolbar to:

  • Move tasks to new Spaces, Folders, and Lists.

  • Set assignees and watchers.

  • Convert tasks to subtasks.

  • Set Priority, start and due dates, statuses, tags, Custom Fields, and more.

Can I start over?

Yes! You can delete tasks within 10 days of importing them and start over.

If you've updated items in ClickUp since importing them, you will need to make those changes again after you re-import your data.

If you've moved tasks to different locations within the ClickUp Hierarchy, they'll still be deleted so you can import them again. You may need to move them around again once they are re-imported.

To bulk-delete tasks imported within the last 10 days:

  1. In the upper-left corner, click your Workspace avatar.

  2. Select Settings.

  3. From the sidebar, click Imports / Exports.

  4. Identify the import you'd like to remove.

  5. Click Delete imported tasks.

  6. We'll check if you're sure you want to delete your imported tasks.

  7. Click Delete tasks.

  8. You'll see your imported tasks have been deleted, along with the date and time they were deleted.

GIF showing the process to delete an import.

Now you're ready to reimport your data!

My Import is complete, but now I'm being asked to upgrade

There are usage limits in place for certain features. You can choose to import data above our usage limits, but you will be prompted to upgrade before you can continue to use those features.

Get in touch with us via chat or email to inquire about a free trial.

Date Custom Fields are empty

If your Date Custom Fields are empty after importing, it is possible you did not choose the proper date formatting when importing.

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