Inbox in Mobile [Legacy - Old]

The legacy mobile app will be deprecated soon. Our support team no longer troubleshoots related bugs. Learn more about our new mobile app!

Inbox is your centralized place to work. It's your mission control center for your work in the past, now, and in the future. 

It's also your system to create reminders (that are private to yourself) and delegate reminders (shared with you and the person you delegate to). 

The main goal of Inbox is: never forget again. 

It's too easy to forget things that you have to do, and that's where Inbox comes in. Inbox is a mixture of both tasks and reminders

Access Inbox in Mobile

Simply select the Inbox icon at the bottom of the app! You will always have access to these buttons not matter which page you are on.

Working in Inbox

There are three primary tabs along with two secondary tabs that make up your Inbox. To access these, click on the drop down next to the Inbox title.

Inbox: Create reminders and see what tasks and reminders you have to work on
Tasks and reminders appear in your Inbox when the start or due dates are today or in the past. 

Next: See what you need to work on next
This tab was designed to help you plan ahead. Here you'll see all of your upcoming tasks and reminders that have start or due dates in the future. 

Done: Reminders and Tasks you've completed
In the Done tab, you'll find all of your completed reminders and tasks. Note that a task counts as 'done' when it gets changed to a Done status

Delegated: Reminders or reminders converted to tasks that you delegated
These are reminders you've created and assigned to other people. Since you can convert reminders to tasks, we'll also show tasks that were converted from reminders you delegated here. The cool thing about this tab is you're able to see if that person has completed the items you delegate to them.
Note: Delegating reminders is not available in the Free Forever plan. 

Unscheduled: This tab holds every task you're assigned that doesn't have a due date. By default it's sorted by priority to let you quickly add a due date to the most important items, move them out of this tab!

Inbox Settings

Toggle on breadcrumbs to show the Space, Folder, and List where a task lives.


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