Use /Slash Commands to format Whiteboard items

Format your Whiteboard text with elements that stand out, like banners, headings, highlights, and code blocks. Insert buttons and dividers to add style.

You can use /Slash Commands with any item that supports text. All items also have Item menus.

What you'll need

  • Whiteboards are available on every ClickUp plan.

  • The number of Whiteboards that can be created depends on your plan:

    • Free Forever: 3 Whiteboards.

    • Unlimited: 10 Whiteboards.

    • Business and above: Unlimited Whiteboards.

  • Everyone, including guests, can use Whiteboards.

  • If using Google Chrome, you must enable hardware acceleration.

Shapes, sticky notes, text boxes, and task text fields support text formatting using /Slash Commands. Type / to select from the menu of available options.

Or use one of the following /Slash Commands:

Action /Slash Command
Background, blue /bl
Background, green /g
Background, orange /or
Background, purple /prp
Background, red /r
Background, yellow /y
Banner Blue /info
Banner Green /success
Banner Red /danger
Banner Yellow /warning
Bold /bo
Bulleted List /bul
Button /button
Checklist /check
Code block /co
Divider /div
Heading 1 /h1
Heading 2 /h2
Heading 3 /h3
Heading 4 /h4
Inline code /in
Italic /it

Normal text

Remove heading formatting

Numbered List /num
Quote /q
Strikethrough /s-
Toggle list /toggle
Website link /k


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