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Calling all social media marketers, content designers, digital producers, and other creatives!

Learn how Cory and their team uses Whiteboards to brainstorm and visualize content for their magazine.

Meet Cory

Cory is the Editorial Director of an interior design magazine. They're responsible for aligning content across the print and digital teams.

Their creative teams have been using ClickUp for over a year. A whiteboard product has always been essential. So when ClickUp released Whiteboards, Cory tried out the feature to see if it would work for their teams.

Cory first used Whiteboards Mind Map to strategize the overall direction of the next six months of issues. It worked great!They started with the themes and trends that'll be important to cover. One theme is the central node of one map. The related nodes are article, advertising, social media, and image ideas.

GIF of a Whiteboard Mind Map being created.

Cory was convinced. They introduced Whiteboards in meetings with all of their teams.

The challenge

Cory's main challenge was to align the vision across print, digital, marketing, advertising, and social media teams. The problem with the whiteboard product they've been using is that their ClickUp tasks were separate.

Tania, a photo editor, was frustrated. After each initial planning meeting for a new issue, her team would create tasks in their Workspace. They would often attach screenshots of the whiteboards from their meetings. There were so many screenshots that they just weren't useful!

The solution

With ClickUp Whiteboards, the teams' creative collaboration and their work can live in one place! Tania and Cory decided to present this solution to all of the creative teams.

For the next issue, Cory and Tania explained to the teams how making tasks right alongside their ideas saves clicks. Tania shared her screen and showed everyone the features. Cory clicked into the canvas and their name displayed. Everyone could see what Cory added to the Whiteboard.

GIF showing Cory and Tania demonstrating collaborating on a Whiteboard.

Adding objects, like shapes, sticky notes, drawings, text, and connectors to the canvas was intuitive. Adding new and existing tasks was just as easy!

Connect ideas to work

By the next production cycle kick-off meeting, everyone was brainstorming on the same Whiteboard. The team mapped out the production deadlines and their content plan and created tasks from the Whiteboard as they brainstormed.

To create tasks from a Whiteboard:

  1. From the open Whiteboard, click the ClickUp Cards icon.

  2. Click + Create new task.

  3. From the ClickUp Cards modal, click the dropdown to select the List for this task.

  4. Type a task name.

    • You can add assignee(s) and Custom Fields. If they are set up in your Space, you can also add time estimates and Sprint points.

  5. Click Create.

  6. The new task displays immediately on the Whiteboard.

  7. You can click Expand to open the task.

  8. You can click the ellipsis ... to copy, delete, or arrange the Task Card in relation to the other objects on your Whiteboard.

They can also attach existing tasks and subtasks, and add info as they strategize.
To attach existing tasks:

  1. Search for a specific task by name, ID, or URL.

  2. Browse recently viewed tasks and click to add.

Even some of the writers started using Whiteboards to make flowcharts to outline their articles!

Organize Whiteboards

Everyone agreed that creating and adding tasks in Whiteboards is a game-changer.

Now that they have so many Whiteboards, Tania lets Cory know that their team is having a hard time keeping the Whiteboards organized. In a quick half-hour meeting, the two come up with a solution.

Proof of concept

Tania presents the Whiteboard organization methods to all the teams.

First, she searches Command Center for all of the Whiteboards in the Workspace.

To search from Command Center:

    1. Use the shortcutCmd + Kto open Command Center.

    2. SelectWhiteboards from the top row of options.

    3. All of the Whiteboards in your Workspace will display.
    4. Navigate your search results.

    5. PressReturn or click with your mouse to open.

Then she demonstrates how to organize Whiteboards.

To organize Whiteboards:

  1. From a Whiteboard view, hover over the name of a Whiteboard and click the ellipsis ...

  2. Choose one of the following options for storing your Whiteboard to find it easily again in the future:

She also shows how to create a Whiteboard from the Sidebar. This creates a new List called Whiteboard and sets the Whiteboard as the default view.

To create a Whiteboard from the Sidebar:

  1. From the Space, Folder, or List you want to add a Whiteboard to, click the Ellipsis ... menu.

  2. Select Create new, then Whiteboard.

  3. Your new Whiteboard opens.

  4. The Whiteboard is added as a List view, a List in the Sidebar, and also a Whiteboard view, as usual.

    • If you change the name of the List view, the name is also saved to the Sidebar List.

The result

Each team agreed that they will pin their collaborative Whiteboards as a required view for their shared folder. Then, the individual teams will create their own Whiteboards as Lists in their team folder.

After a few weeks, the Chief People Officer asks Tania to demonstrate how her team uses Whiteboards. They easily create a new hiring process flowchart, complete with tasks!

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