Edit and delete templates

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Make a mistake setting up your new template or have an older template that needs an update? Edit it!

Need to tidy up your templates? Consider deleting ones you no longer need.

What you'll need

  • Templates are available on every ClickUp plan.

  • Anyone, including guests, can use templates.

    • Note: Guests only have access to templates for Docs, tasks, and views.

Edit a template

  1. Create a new Folder, List, task, Doc, or view using the original template.

  2. Make any edits you want to save for your template.

  3. Select Template Center and Save as Template.

  4. Select Update an existing template from the lower-left.

  5. Find the name of the template you want to update and select Next.

  6. Update the template name (or overwrite an existing one), Sharing settings, and Import options.

  7. Click Save.

Delete a template

Make sure your team doesn't need the template anymore. Once you delete a template, it can't be recovered.

  1. Open the Template center.

  2. Select the template.

  3. From the template preview, click Delete Template.

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