Create a Goal

Goals are high-level objectives that are made up of smaller, measurable Targets. Complete all of the Targets to finish your Goal!

For example, you can use Goals to track progress on objectives like OKRs, Sprints, or weekly scorecards.


What you’ll need

  • Goals are available for every ClickUp plan:

    • Free Forever plans have 100 uses.

    • Unlimited and above have unlimited access.

  • Guests can use Goals.

Create a Goal and Targets

To create a Goal and Targets:

  1. From the Sidebar, select Goals. If Goals aren't pinned to your Sidebar, click More then select Goals
  2. In the upper-right corner of the Goals page, click + New Goal
  3. Complete the Goal details.
  4. Create Targets to break down your Goal into smaller, measurable items. There are four Target types:
    • Number: Create a range of numbers and track increases or decreases between them.
    • True/False: Use a Done/Not Done checkbox to mark your Target complete.
    • Currency: Set a monetary Goal and track any increases or decreases.
    • Task: Track the completion of a single task, subtask, or an entire List.

When a task is attached to a Target, you'll see a badge in task's details with the name of the Goal.

Set the color of a Goal

Each Goal can have a specific color, shown as a goal's background.

For ClickUp 3.0, we updated the available theme colors to make ClickUp more accessible and user-friendly. 

To update the color of a Goal:
  • From the Goals page, hover over a Goal and click the ellipsis ... in the top-right.
  • Or open a Goal and click the ellipsis ... next to the Goal name.
  1. Select Change color.
  2. Pick a color.
  3. The Goal color will be updated right away.

Update a Target

Once you take action on a Target, click the Target name to update your progress. Depending on which type you use, your Target will have different tracking options. For example, if you're using the Currency Target type, you'll be able to enter a dollar amount to track an increase or decrease towards your Goal.

Your Goal progress percentage will automatically update as you update your Targets.

If you want to rename or delete a Target, click the ellipsis ... next to the Target's name.

Sharing and permissions for Goals

Set privacy, permissions, and sharing options for Goals and Goal Folders.

Create a Goal Folder

Keep your Goals organized by using Goal Folders.

Goal Folders are available on the Business Plan or above.

Add Goals Cards to Dashboards

See your Goals and other team metrics in one place by adding your Goals to a Dashboard with the Goals Card.

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