Docs settings and preferences

Manage and customize your content with Docs.

Docs and wikis

A wiki is a Doc that's prioritized as the source of truth. Unless specified, anything that applies to Docs also applies to wikis.

Learn more from our article Create a wiki.

Quick actions

Quick actions are in the upper-right corner of an open Doc.

From left to right, they allow you to do the following:

  • Add and manage Doc tags.

  • Share your Doc with others.

  • Access the Doc settings menu.

  • Add the Doc as a Favorite.

  • Open the Comments sidebar.

  • View Page history and restore previous versions.

  • Expand the Doc to go full screen or collapse the Doc to view it in the context of your Workspace.

  • Close the Doc.

Settings sidebar

The settings sidebar includes the following menus:

Open the settings sidebar

You can keep the settings sidebar closed while writing and editing content, and only open it when you need to access settings.

  • Click the open settings icon.

  • Hover at the top of any page and click Settings.

Access settings menus

If the settings sidebar is open:

  • Click the icons at the top of the settings sidebar to open each menu.

If the settings sidebar is closed:

  • Click the icons on the quick-access sidebar to open each menu as a popup.

Page Details menu

Customize the page details.

You can experiment with different fonts, sizes, and spacing preferences to stylize the look and feel of your pages. Add extra flair with cover images and page icons featuring popular emoji.

Enable protection and view key statistics to ensure your page meets your amazing content standards.

Page settings menu

Use the page settings menu to customize and manage each page of your Docs.

Doc settings menu

Use the Doc settings menu to customize and manage each Doc in your Workspace.

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