Dashboard Filters

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Dashboard filters apply to your entire Dashboard to help visualize your most important work!

You can combine one or more Dashboard filters with one or more filters on each widget to show granular and specific information.

Any Dashboard filters and widget filters will apply when viewing your Dashboards on our Mobile App!

What you'll need

  • Dashboard filters are available on all ClickUp Plans.

  • Guests can be invited to specific dashboards with view-only permissions.

Apply a Dashboard filter

You can apply a Dashboard filter to Dashboards where you have Full or Edit permissions.

  1. From a Dashboard, switch to Editing mode.

  2. Click on the Filter button in the top-right.

  3. Add any filters you wish to apply. Click here for a list of supported fields.

    • Note: You can add multiple filters that use AND/OR operators.

  4. Click Apply.

  5. Your supported Dashboard widgets will update immediately to reflect the filter.

Screenshot of a Dashboard highlighting the filter option.

Supported Dashboard widgets

Dashboard filters can be applied to the following widgets.

Note: Certain widgets are only available on paid Plans.

Widget Type Supported Widgets
Assignee widgets
  • Tasks by Assignee (Bar, Battery, Pie)

  • Total Assigned (Not Completed) Tasks

  • Total Unassigned Tasks

Custom widgets
  • Bar Chart

  • Battery Chart

  • Calculation

  • Line Chart

  • Pie Chart

Priority widgets
  • Priority Breakdown (Bar, Battery, Pie)

  • Priority Over Time

  • Total Urgent Priority Tasks

  • Total High Priority Tasks

  • Total Normal Priority Tasks

  • Total Low Priority Tasks

  • Total No Priority Tasks

Sprint widgets
  • Burndown

  • Burnup

  • Cumulative Flow

  • Cycle Time

  • Lead Time

  • Velocity

Status widgets
  • Status Over Time

  • Tasks in Progress

  • Tasks Completed

  • Tasks Closed

  • Time In Status

  • Workload by Status (Bar, Battery, Pie)

Tag widgets
  • Tag Usage (Bar, Battery, Pie)

  • Tag Usage Over Time

Supported fields

You can filter your Dashboards using the following task fields:

  • Assignees: View tasks assigned to a specific user in your Workspace.

  • Status: Only show tasks in a certain stage of your workflow.

  • Created by: View tasks created by specific people.

  • Date created: See tasks created on a certain date, or within a certain timeframe.

  • Date updated: Display the tasks that people have recently worked on. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Date closed: Display when the task was moved to “closed” status.

  • Date done: Display when the task was moved to a "done" status.

  • Due date: Filter out tasks that aren't going to be required in the near future. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Start date: See all tasks with specified start dates. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Status is closed: Only show tasks in a closed status

  • Priority: Sift out tasks that don't require immediate attention.

  • Assigned comments: Refine your task list and only show tasks with (or without) assigned comments.

  • Tags: Set your filter to match any or all selected Tags. You can also filter for all tasks that do not contain tags.

  • Is recurring: See only the recurring tasks in your workflow. Alternatively, see all tasks that are not recurring.

  • Archived: Show tasks that are archived, or include archived tasks in your overall filtering view.

  • Custom Fields: Filter by a completely unique task field that you create for a value, budget, or really anything!

  • Sprint Points: Display tasks with or without Sprint Points, or customize the filter to show quick wins or Epic tasks that need to be broken down.

  • Dependencies: See which tasks are "waiting on" or "blocking" others. Alternatively, filter to see which task do/don’t contain dependencies.

  • Location: Filter to show select Spaces, Folders, and/or Lists

  • Watcher: View tasks based on who is watching them.

  • Milestones: Create special views just to show Milestones across Lists, Folder, etc.

Use Dashboards filters with widget filters

You can use both Dashboard filters and widget filters together!

Any Dashboard filters use the AND operator with any filters set on individual widgets.

For example, if you have a calculation widget on your Dashboard. The widget is filtered by Due Date to show the number of tasks that are due this week.

You can apply a location Dashboard filter to only show tasks from a particular Space, Folder, or List.

The calculation widget will only count tasks from the filtered location and that have a due date of this week. It won't count tasks from any other location that have a due date of this week.

Screenshot of a Dashboard highlighting the Dashboard filter option and an individual widget's filter option.


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