Use Clip screen recording

Use Clip to record videos of your Workspace from Chrome or Firefox.

What you'll need

  • Clip is available on every ClickUp plan.
    • If you're on the Free Forever Plan, Clip recording will use storage space.
  • Guests cannot create Clips.
  • Clip only works on Chrome and Firefox.
  • For Mac users, learn how to allow screen recording.
  • Clips have a 45-minute limit. A popup will display in the upper-right corner of your Workspace one minute before the limit is reached.

Enable the Clip ClickApp

Before using Clip to record, an owner or admin needs to enable the ClickApp for the Workspace.

To enable the ClickApp:

  1. Click your Workspace avatar.
  2. Select ClickApps.
  3. Browse or search for Clip.
  4. Under Clip: Screen Recording, click the toggle to enable it.

Record a Clip using the Quick Action menu

Once the ClickApp is enabled, you can start recording.

To record a Clip:

  1. Open the Quick Action menu:
    • ClickUp 2.0: In the lower-right corner, click the Quick Action menu.
    • ClickUp 3.0: In the upper-right corner, click the Quick Action menu.
  2. Select Record Clip in ClickUp 2.0 or Record in ClickUp 3.0.
  3. Choose to record:
    • Your entire screen.
    • An application window.
    • A specific tab.
  4. Click Share.
  5. At the bottom of the screen, click Stop Recording to end the Clip. When you stop recording, a popup message will give you the option to:
    • Create a new task and attach the Clip.
    • Copy the link to the Clip to share it anywhere.

If the Clip isn't added to a task or copied when the popup message appears, it will be deleted. 

Pin Clip

Quickly access Clip by pinning it to the bottom of your Workspace.

To pin Clip:

  1. Open the Quick Action menu from anywhere in your Workspace.

    • In ClickUp 2.0, this is located in the lower-right corner.

    • In ClickUp 3.0, this is located in the upper-right corner of the toolbar.

  2. To the right of Record Clip, click the pin icon.

Record a Clip using task comments

Instructions for recording a Clip from task comments apply to both Task view 2.0 and 3.0.

To record a Clip from task comments:

  1. Open the task where you want to upload the Clip.
  2. In the comment field, click the screen icon.
  3. Choose what to record:
    • Your entire screen.
    • An application window.
    • A specific tab.
  4. Click Share.
  5. Click the screen icon again to stop recording. Once the recording is done, the Clip will be embedded in the draft comment.
  6. Optional: Click the Clip ellipsis ... menu to:
    • Hide preview: Shrink the size of the embedded Clip.
    • Copy Link: Copy the Clip's link to share it.
    • Remove embed: Change the embed to a link.
    • Delete: Delete the Clip.
  7. In Task view 2.0, click Comment. In Task view 3.0, click Send.
  8. The Clip will be uploaded as a comment. The Clip will remain available unless the task and attachment are permanently deleted.

Download a Clip

You can download your Clip while it is uploading by clicking the download button. 

Screenshot of the Clip download button in a task comment.

Screenshot of the Clip download button in a pop-up message.

Once the Clip is posted in a task comment, you can download it by clicking the download icon to the right.

Screenshot of the download button next to a Clip uploaded in a task comment.

Delete a Clip

You can delete a Clip by deleting the task comment that includes it. The Clip will remain accessible by URL for 30 days. Anyone who downloaded the Clip will continue to have access to it unless they delete the file from their computer.

On the Free Forever Plan, Clips are not counted toward your storage limit after you delete them from a task.


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