How to manage imports in ClickUp

ClickUp's import manager makes it easy to keep track of any and all data you move into the platform!

Open the import manager

To open the import manager:

  1. Click your account avatar.

  2. Select Import/Export 

  3. Choose to import from CSV or from an alternative project management software.

How to view past imports

All past completed, deleted, or canceled imports will be visible in your Import/Export tab of your Settings.

Checking the status of an import in progress

Once you've started your import, you can check its completion status at any time under the Past Imports tab.

Need to redo an import?

No problem! Once the import is complete, just select the Delete import option under Past Imports. This will remove any tasks made from that previous import. You can then re-import your data without issue.

Screenshot showing the 'cancel import' option on an in-progress import.

Note: You can only delete imports that are 10 days old or less

Be sure to check out our import options for Asana, Trello, Todoist, Monday, and Jira!


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