Page views

Page views let you add additional resources like Docs and Whiteboards to your Workspace. Unlike Task views, Page views do not directly display tasks.

What you'll need

Add a Page view

To add a Page view:

  1. Open the Views modal.
    • In ClickUp 2.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + View.
    • In ClickUp 3.0 from your Views Bar, you'll click + Add.
  2. Under Page Views, select a view.
  3. Click Add View

Page view types

The follow Page views are available:

Page view type Description
Embed view

Use Embed view to add other platforms like Google Sheets, YouTube, Twitter, and more, to your Workspace by pasting a URL. You can also embed using HTML for more customization options. Embedding with HTML is great for apps like Spotify, Airtable, and Typeform.


Visually collaborate with your team in real-time using Whiteboards.

Doc view Use ClickUp Docs for knowledge bases, project plans, wikis, and more.
Chat view Add a Chat view to any List, Folder, or Space to communicate with your team about items unrelated to a specific task. Use rich editing, attachments, task links, and more.
Form view

Streamline your intake process with Form view. Build and share customizable Forms to collect information and automatically create tasks in ClickUp. You can also add Form views to the left Sidebar. This makes a new List called Form and sets the Form as the default view.

Screenshot of someone creating a Form view.



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