Filter Tasks in Board View

Set up your tasks to view only relevant information by filtering in Board View.


Choose to apply one or more of the following filters:

  • Status: View only tasks within a particular status.

  • Due date: Filter out tasks that aren't going to be required in the near future. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Start date: See all tasks with specified start dates. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Date created: See tasks created on a certain date, or within a certain timeframe.

  • Date updated: Display the tasks that people have recently worked on. Select a specific date or a before/after date.

  • Date closed: See tasks that were closed on a particular date, or within a certain timeframe.

  • Priority: Sift out tasks that don't require immediate attention.

  • Tags: Set your filter to match any or all selected Tags. You can also search for all tasks that do not contain tags.

  • Assigned comments: Refine your task list and only show tasks with assigned comments.

  • Recurring: See only the recurring tasks in your workflow.

  • Assignee: View tasks assigned to a specific person in your Workspace.

  • Watcher: View tasks based on who is watching them.

  • Creator: View tasks created by specific people.

  • Dependencies: See which tasks are "waiting on" or "blocking" others

  • Archived: Show tasks that are archived, or include archived tasks in your overall filtering view

  • Time estimated: View tasks that have a time estimation greater than, less than, or equal to a certain value.

  • Time logged: View tasks that have time logged greater than, less than, or equal to a certain value.

  • Custom Fields: Filter by a completely unique task field that you create to set a value, budget, or really anything for a task.

  • Last status change: Filter tasks based on the most recent status change. You can select a specific date range or use a custom range. 

Pro Tips

  • Take your Board view filters on the go with our Mobile App!

  • When filtering by the due date or start date, try applying the Today & Earlier option. This will allow you to see all tasks that are overdue or due today, as well as tasks with start dates on or before today.

  • Keep in mind that you can save your filtering options and favorite views to come back to them at any time!

  • When filtering by one or more Custom Fields, you can enter specific characters that a task contains or does not contain within a Field. In the example below, we've searched for tasks that contain "" within the "Email" Custom Field.

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