Intro to Custom Roles

Take complete control over permissions through Custom Roles.

Create new Custom Roles to suit your team's needs. Custom Roles are based on the standard guest, member, and admin roles but can be completely customized using specific advanced permissions.

What you'll need

  • 1 Custom Role is available on our Business Plus Plan.

  • Unlimited Custom Roles are available on our Enterprise Plan.

  • Okta support for Custom Roles is available on our Enterprise Plan.

  • By default, only the Workspace owner can create Custom Roles.

  • Workspace owners can delegate managing Custom Roles to other admin-based roles.

Create Custom Roles

Workspace owners can create new Custom Roles.

  1. Click you Workspace avatar.

  2. Select Security & Permissions.

  3. Click New Role located on the top right of the advanced permissions table.

  4. Give your Role a name.

    • Note: Custom Roles must have unique names.

  5. Select a standard Role as a starting point for your Custom Role.

  6. Click Create.

  7. Customize the available permissions for your new Custom Role.

  8. You can now assign your new Custom Role to individual users on the People settings page.

Animation of the steps to create a Custom Role.

Grant access to manage Custom Roles

Some organizations may want to delegate the ability to manage Custom Roles to others, not just the Workspace owner.

Workspace owners can grant an admin-based Custom Role the ability to manage Custom Roles using an advanced permission.

  1. From the Security & Permissions settings page

  2. Create a Custom Role based on the admin role.

  3. Enable the Custom Role permission.

Screenshot of the Custom Role permission.

Delete Custom Roles

To delete a Custom Role:

  1. From the Security & Permissions setting page, click the ellipsis ... menu next to a Custom Role name.

  2. Select Delete.

  3. Select a new role to reassign users to.

  4. Click Delete.

Screenshot of the Custom Role menu highlighting the delete option.

Okta support for Custom Roles

For Enterprise teams that use Okta for provisioning, Custom Roles fully integrate with Okta!

Any role created in ClickUp can be added as an option within Okta, making it easy to integrate Custom Roles into existing workflows.

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