Privacy and Sharing FAQ

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What's the difference between privacy, sharing, and permissions? 

  • Privacy allows you to hide Folders, Lists, or tasks from other users on your Workspace

  • Sharing allows you to invite Workspace members to private items. Sharing also allows you to invite guests to private or public items 

  • Permissions let you set what abilities members and guests have in items you've shared with them

What's the difference between public and private?

  • Public means that whatever you are sharing is available to everyone in your Workspace, or everyone who has access to the task, List, Folder, or Space where the item has been shared

  • Private means you are the only person with access to the item, or you've chosen specific people and Teams to access it

What's the difference between members and guests?

  • Members are people that you generally trust and don’t mind them being able to create things.

  • Guests are great for working with people outside your organization who only need to access specific items in your Workspace.

Can I hide specific task details from guests

Can a guest edit Tags?

  • Yes, you can give individual guests permission to add and remove Tags on tasks

  • Guests can never create new Tags or delete existing Tags

Can a guest create views?

  • Yes, you can give individual guests permission to create views

  • The guest must be shared to a List or Folder and have can edit or full permissions in order to create views

Can a member share items? 

  • Members can share with anyone that has permissions equal or greater to their own

Can a guest share items? 

  • No, guests are not able to access any privacy or sharing settings

How do I hide custom fields from guests?

  1. Open a Folder's custom fields settings

  2. Beside each field in the Folder, click Guests 

How do I hide time tracking and time estimates from guests?

  1. An admin or Workspace owner will select "People" from the menu behind their avatar

  2. Click on the "Guests" tab

  3. Select which ClickApp to hide from each guest

Where do I set permissions for members or guests?

  • All permissions are set directly from the item you've shared

  • For example, if you've shared a Folder, you'll need to re-open the sharing settings menu for that Folder to set permissions for each user

How do I share a task publicly to the web?

  • Toggle on public sharing from the global share icon in any task. All tasks are shared as view-only, and anyone with the link can access them. Learn more here.

How do I share a List publicly to the web?

  • Toggle on public sharing from any List view on the List level. Your List views will be shared as view-only. Learn more here

On the Unlimited Plan and above is it possible to have more guests than my seats allow? 

  • Yes, for example: You may have 2 members and 8 guests on the Unlimited Plan, but you would be required to have 3 member seats in that case. 2/3 member seats would be filled and 8/9 guest seats would be filled. This means you could then add 1 member and 1 guest without charge. 

If I upgrade my Workspace what happens to guests over paid plan limits?

  • Seats will be added to your Workspace to cover any excess guests. For example, if you have 2 members, and 8 guests - then 3 seats total will be added to your Workspace, for a combined seat count of 2/3 members and 8/9 guests (Unlimited Plan). For the Business Plan, just 2 seats would be required, for a combined seat count of 2/2 members and 8/15 guests. 

If I upgrade from the Unlimited Plan to the Business Plan with a lot of guests, will I get a refund for the larger guest caps in the Business Plan?

  • Yes! Please reach out to our success team at and we'd be happy to provide a credit refund. 

Why would I upgrade if I can add unlimited guests on the Free Forever Plan?

  • You are not able to set permissions for guests on the free plan, or hide ClickApps from guests.

May I reassign my guest seat(s) to other guests?

  • Yes! You may remove a guest and open up the seat to invite another in their place.

Will guests or members be able to view tasks that are dependent (waiting on or blocking) a task I share with them? 

  • They will see the task IDs of any dependent tasks unless they have been given explicit access to the tasks, in which case they will see the task details.

Can I convert a guest into a member? Vice versa?

Can I share with someone who does not have a ClickUp account?

  • Absolutely! Many views (List, Calendar, Board) can be shared via a public URL link. To access a link, click the sharing option in the top right corner of the view and toggle "public sharing."

If I share an item with a guest and the item's parents are all public, how do I prevent the guest from seeing my entire Workspace?

  • Option 1: You must make that item private (or make the parent private)

  • Option 2: You must limit their permissions to "Can View"

What is different about guests on a paid Workspace?

With a paid plan:

  • You can give guests different permissions

  • You can hide custom fields from guests

  • You can hide time estimates and time tracking from guests

  • You get 5 free guests, with an additional 2 guests per paid member added on the Unlimited Plan

  • You get 10 free guests, with an additional 5 guests per paid member added on the Business Plan

Are members or guests with limited permissions granted full access to an item when you change it from private to public?

  • No, these users will remain "invited" and still be limited to the same permissions

If a guest has "Full" access to a Folder, will they be able to create Folders or Lists?

  • No, guests are never able to create Folders or Lists. They only have the ability to create tasks (when given "Full" permissions). 

If a guest has "Full" access to a Folder, will they be able to edit things such as the custom statuses or custom fields of the Folder?

  • No they will not have access to any Folder settings

If a guest has "Full" access to a List, can they create tasks from emails?

  • Yes!

Will members or guests with "Can Comment" permissions be able to change the status or assignees of a task? 

  • Only when they are assigned to the task

Will members or guests with "Can Comment" permissions with the task assigned to them lose the ability to change the status or assignees if they unassign themselves? 

  • Yes, they only have permission to change status or assignee if they are currently assigned to the task.

What else can members with full access do?

  • Members with Can create and edit (full access) to your Folder will be able to edit Space, Folder, and List settings such as Custom Fields and Statuses

If I merge a private task and a public task, what happens to the privacy settings of the combined task?

  • If either task was private at the time of merging, the combined task will be private

  • The ability to choose this at the time of merging is coming soon!

I'm a member, why do I see the "Shared with me" area in my sidebar? 

  • This happens when someone shares an item with you and you don't have access to the parent. 

If I add a guest (with "Can Edit" permissions) to a task, what tags can they choose from?

  • They will be able to select tags from any other tasks they have access to

Is it possible to share a subtask but not the parent task? 

  • No, subtasks will always share the same privacy, sharing, and permissions settings as their parent task

If I create a task and someone else creates a subtask, who is the owner of the subtask? 

  • The owner of the parent task will own the subtask.

  • Subtasks do not have separate privacy or sharing settings

When subtask is converted to a task, who becomes its owner?

  • The person who made the conversion

Can someone make a subtask private to the members of the parent task? 

  • No, the owner of the parent task owns all subtasks, and the privacy settings for a parent task control the privacy settings for all subtasks

If I share an item with a member who does not have access to the Space it lives in, will they know about the Space? 

  • No, visually they will only see the Folders, Lists, or tasks shared with them in their sidebar.
    - Example: if you share a task from a private Space with a member, they will see a new area in their sidebar called "tasks shared with me" and will have no way to see the name of the Space, Folder, or List the task lives within. 

Is there a permission level that allows users to delete a task but does not allow to delete a List? 

  • An option is to set the permissions for members in your List to be "Can Edit". This will prevent them from being able to delete the List.  

  • You can then set the permissions for each task within the List you don't mind them being able to delete to > "Full" permissions. That way, they can delete the tasks if they wish to.

Is there a permission level that allows users to delete a List but not a Folder?

  • You can set the permission level for users on the List to "Full", and for the Folder to "Can Edit" only. That way, they can delete a List and not the Folder.

If I remove custom permissions (anything other than view-only) from a guest on a paid plan, will they turn into a "free guest"?

  • Yes! You just need to be sure their permissions are set to view-only from EVERY location they've been invited to. 

Full list of permissions

PDF can be found here.

Full list of roles

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