Prioritize your work

There are several ways you can identify your most important tasks, from filtering views to creating Goals.

Prioritize your tasks

Filter and sort tasks so you know what needs to be worked on next.

Filter tasks

You can filter your views to only show tasks that are due today:
  1. In the upper-right, click the filter icon to set a filter for your view.
  2. Select Due date for the first dropdown.
  3. Select Is for the second dropdown.
  4. Select Today & Earlier for the third dropdown.

Sort tasks

Sort tasks in List view to work from oldest to newest:
  1. Open a List view.
  2. Click the start date or due date column to sort.
    Screenshot highlighting the 'due date' column in List view.
    • You also can click the up or down arrow next to the column title to sort.


If you're on an Unlimtied Plan or above, you can enable the Milestones ClickApp to see which tasks are most significant. Milestone tasks can be identified by a diamond icon.
Screenshot highlighting a Milestone task in List view.

Custom Fields

Custom Fields allow you to create unique task fields to measure progress, budgets, and more!
You can use Dropdown Custom Fields to set up the fields for your daily tasks:
  • Overseen by: If someone in your Workspace needs to approve your task, you can note that here.
  • Idea: Show people where you are in the brainstorming process.
  • Progress: Communicate whether you're on track to complete your task or if you're blocked.
  • Reviewed: Show people if you've looked over your work this week and are ready to close the task.
Screenshot of several Custom Fields in List view.

Create a personalized workflow

Use Me Mode to only view tasks that are assigned to you.
You can also create a private Space to help you focus on tasks assigned to you.
  1. Create a Space for your tasks. You can choose to invite people relevant to your tasks to this Space.
  2. Add a Folder called My Projects.
  3. Create Lists called This Week and Next Week.


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