Voice Assistant: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa

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With ClickUp's Alexa and Google Assistant integrations, you can add reminders to Home as well as list your Reminders that are due today or tomorrow.

How it works

  1. Add ClickUp to your device

  2. Use a trigger phrase to open ClickUp

  3. Tell ClickUp what to do

Amazon Alexa Triggers

  • "Alexa, open ClickUp" 

  • "Alexa, ask ClickUp to create a reminder" 

Google Assistant Trigger

  • "Okay Google, talk to ClickUp"

  • "Okay Google, ask ClickUp to create a reminder" 

Examples of things you can say:

Create Reminders

  • "The reminder is..." + then say the name of your reminder

  • "Add a reminder"

  • "New reminder"

Get Reminders

  • "Home" - List all of your Home reminders

  • "Reminders due today."

  • "Reminders due tomorrow."

Get Overdue Reminders

  • "What's overdue?"

  • "Inbox"

Tips for Creating Reminders

By default, the reminder gets added to your Inbox for today, but you can change this by adding a different time and date - your voice assistant will ask you after you say the name of the reminder. 

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