Reply to task comments with ClickUp AI

AI is available everywhere in ClickUp text can be used. For example, task descriptions, all comments, text Custom Fields, the toolbar, and Command Center. 

You can use ClickUp AI to reply to task comments.


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Reply to task comments

To use AI to reply to task comments:

  1. From the empty comment field below the comment or comment thread, type the /Slash Command /reply.
  2. Press Enter on a Mac or Return on Windows.
  3. In the Reply modal, there are two options:
    • Click Tell AI what to do next, and type a talking point.
    • From The Ask AI To modal, select a suggested prompt.
      Screenshot of the Reply modal, highlighting the field to type a talking point and the suggested prompt.
  4. After the reply is generated, select from the following options:
    • Insert: Insert the content into the comment field.
    • Copy: Copy the text to manually paste it into another location. You can also manually copy any part of the generated text.
    • Try again: Generate a different response from the same prompt.
    • Tell AI what to do next: Reprompt AI by typing a related prompt or giving AI more direction. For example, you could type make a list of action items.

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