Build Automations with ClickUp AI

Building Automations is easy with ClickUp AI! Use natural language to set your Triggers, Actions, and Conditions


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Build Automations

Use AI to create custom Automations for repetitive work, like setting a new due date on a task when there's a status change. To use Automations, the Automation ClickApp must be enabled

Automate with AI cannot be used with Automations integrations, like GitHub. When possible, AI will direct you to the correct integration. 

To build an Automation with ClickUp AI:

  1. Click Automations in the upper-right corner of your Workspace.
    • Or in the Sidebar, click the ellipsis ... next to the Space, Folder, or List where you want to apply the Automation.
    • Select settings, and click Automations.
    • Click +Add Automation.
  2. From the Automation modal, in the Automate with AI text box, type a description of the process you'd like to Automate. 
    • For example, When the task type is bug assign the task to me. In this example, AI will set up an Automation that assigns all Bug custom task types in this location to you. 
    • If this is the first Automation in the location, from the Automations modal you may need to either click Add Automation or select the Browse tab.

Use AI to learn how to build Automations

Not all natural language prompts will result in the ideal Automation. Think of using the AI builder more as a launchpad. 

For example, a project manager wants to make their workflow more efficient. They want Alex to be assigned all tasks in List A that have an Active status. They ask AI: When a task is active assign it to Alex.


Alex's team has four custom Active statuses so AI doesn't know which one to choose. AI does the following:

  • AI builds the Action part of the Automation: Change assignees to Alex.
  • For the Trigger part of the Automation, AI opens the Status changes modal. 

Because AI opened the status modal, the project manager understands how to complete the Automation manually. They do the following:

  • In the Status changes modal, they select In Progress

Now, in List A when a task's status changes from any status to In Progress, those tasks are automatically assigned to Alex. 

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