Organize your hierarchy for CRM

ClickUp's Hierarchy allows you to use your Workspace as a CRM. Use this CRM Folder template to quickly set up your Workspace as a CRM or follow our recommended best practices for setting up your CRM with ClickUp in this guide!


When setting up your Workspace as a CRM, we recommend starting by creating a Space to contain your CRM. Alternatively, if you already have a Space set up for your Sales or Customer Service team, you can place your CRM in the existing Space.


Once your CRM Space has been created, create a single Folder called CRM that will contain everything that you'll need or use the Folder template and customize it however you'd like.


Lists are containers for your day-to-day work. Think of Lists as tabs within the Folders.


To use ClickUp as a CRM, you can start by adding our CRM List template which allows you to keep track of your contacts with ease, or you can create the following Lists within your CRM Folder.


The Leads List will allow you to consistently apply criteria for qualifying leads, identify leads for a drip campaign, and progress qualified leads into the deal cycle.


After a lead has been qualified, they automatically progress to become a deal. The Deals List should contain tasks and subtasks that guide you through the deal cycle, key metrics to help with deal forecasting, and features to encourage collaboration on deals.


The Accounts List contains key information and features to understand your customers and can help to build a relationship with them.


The Contacts List contains all of your key contacts during and after the deal cycle, including champion identification, contact type, and all of the deals that your contacts are involved in.


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