Use ClickUp AI Tools

AI is available everywhere in ClickUp text can be used. For example, task descriptions, all comments, text Custom Fields, the toolbar, and Command Center. 

We've created over 100 tools that use prompts tailored to specific roles!

AI in the toolbar and Inbox comments is only available on ClickUp 3.0.


Feature availability and limits vary by plan and user role. Learn more


Uses for AI Tools

The AI Tools modal is arranged by department. Each department contains research-based prompts used by people working in that field.

Here are a few examples of how AI Tools can help:

  • Sales and marketing: Create clear and effective communications with customers.
  • Product and engineering: Ship more products by automating core document creation.
  • Services: Deliver more value with instant proposals, analysis, and reports.
  • Project Management: Create detailed proposals and plans in seconds.
  • Customer support and success: Help customers through onboarding, upsells, and retention.

Use a ClickUp AI Tool

To use an AI Tool:

  1. Open AI Tools in a location.
    Read our Access ClickUp AI article to learn where and how to open AI Tools and Write with AI
  2. From the AI Tools modal, click to open the AI Tools dropdown and select a department.
    • The default department is Popular. After a different department is selected, that becomes the default. 
    • In some locations, you can click the search icon to search for an AI Tool.
      Screenshot showing how to navigate AI Tools.png
  3. Select a prompt, like Product description.
  4. Provide the info required for the prompt, Product name, for example.
    • From the dropdown, you can select from the different tones and creativity levels.
    • Tone of voice: Choose the right tone for your audience, from professional to humorous. 
    • Creativity: Default is Medium. Select High to generate more creative text or Low for text with less flair.
      Experiment using different combinations of creativity and tone to get the text just right! 
  5. Click Generate

Screenshot showing how to use AI Tools to generate content from a prompt.

After the text is generated, you have the following options:

  • Insert: The text pastes into the open Doc or task.
  • Edit inputs: Edit your response to the prompt.
  • Copy: Copy the text to manually paste it into another location. You can also manually copy any part of the generated text.
  • Try Again: Generate a slightly different AI response.
  • Tell AI what to do next: Reprompt AI by typing a related prompt or giving AI more direction. For example, you could type Translate to German
  • In some locations, you'll have the option to create a task or a Doc with the generated content.

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