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We've created over 100 tools that use prompts tailored to specific roles!

What you'll need

  • ClickUp AI is available for purchase on all paid plans.
    • We ensure optimal performance and fair use for all of our customers. Your access to ClickUp AI may be reduced depending on usage.
  • Free Forever plans can’t purchase AI.
  • All plans can access our free AI trial. Free trial usage varies by plan:
    • Free Forever: 25 uses
    • Unlimited and Business: 50 uses
    • Business Plus and Enterprise: 100 uses
  • Members and internal guests can use AI. You’ll be charged $5 per member and internal guest per month.
  • ClickUp AI is not available for HIPPA-compliant Workspaces.
  • ClickUp AI is not available in the following countries:
    • China
    • Cuba
    • Hong Kong
    • Iran
    • North Korea
    • Russia
    • Syria

Access AI tools

AI Tools are available in task descriptions and comments, Docs, the toolbar, Notepad, Chat view, and Chat Dashboard cards.

The toolbar is available on ClickUp 3.0. Join the 3.0 waitlist.

The AI Tools modal is arranged by department. Each department contains research-based prompts used by people working in that field.

Here are a few examples of how AI Tools can help:

  • Sales and marketing: Create clear and effective communications with customers.
  • Product and engineering: Ship more products by automating core document creation.
  • Services: Deliver more value with instant proposals, analysis, and reports.
  • Project Management: Create detailed proposals and plans in seconds.
  • Customer support and success: Help customers through onboarding, upsells, and retention.

Accessing AI Tools differs depending on location. To find the right tools for your role:

In most locations where AI Tools are available, you can also use the /Slash Command /tools at any time. 

Task descriptions

Select Use AI Tools. Then select an AI Tool from the dropdown or click the search icon to search for an AI Tool. 

Task comments 

  • Start typing the /Slash Command /tools, then click return or enter.
    Screenshot showing how to access ClickUp AI in a new task comment.
  • Make a selection from the modal and follow the prompts.


  • Select an AI Tool from the dropdown or click the search icon to search for an AI Tool. 
  • Make a selection from the modal then follow the prompts. 


Select an AI Tool from the dropdown or click the search icon to search for an AI Tool. 

The toolbar is available on ClickUp 3.0. Join the 3.0 waitlist.

Notepad, Chat view, or Chat card

  1. Start typing the /Slash Command /ai,/write, or /tools, then click return or enter to open an AI modal.

Screenshot showing how to accessthe AI Tools menu.

    • If you click Add description in a task or Blank page in a Doc, you'll be able to access AI Tools later by typing /tools.
  1. From the AI Tools modal, you have three navigation choices:
    • Click to open the AI Tools dropdown and select a department.
    • You can also select ... More departments from the bottom of the dropdown to open the AI Tools dropdown. 
      The default department is Popular. After a different department is selected, that becomes the default. 
    • Or click the search icon to search prompts from all departments.
      Screenshot showing how to navigate AI Tools.png

Use a ClickUp AI Tool

AI Tools has several built-in options to help you generate the best content for your role. 

  1. From the AI Tools dropdown, select a department. For example, Marketing
  2. Select a prompt, like Product description.
  3. Provide the info required for the prompt, Product name, for example. Screenshot showing how to use AI Tools to generate content from a prompt. 
    • Tone of voice: From the dropdown, select from the different tones.
    • Creativity: Default is Medium. Select High to generate more creative text or Low for text with less flair.
      Experiment using different combinations of creativity and tone to get the text just right!
  4. Click Generate
  5. After the text is generated, you have the following options:
    • Insert: The text pastes into the open Doc or task.
    • Edit inputs: Edit your response to the prompt.
    • Try Again: Generate a slightly different AI response.
    • Copy: Copy the text to manually paste it into another location. You can also manually copy any part of the generated text.
    • Discard: Delete the content and close the modal.
    • Tell AI what to do next: Reprompt AI by typing a related prompt or giving AI more direction. 


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