Create role-specific content with ClickUp AI

AI is available everywhere in ClickUp text can be used. For example, task descriptions, all comments, text Custom Fields, the toolbar, and Command Center. 

We've created over 100 prompts tailored to specific roles!


Feature availability and limits vary by plan and user role. Learn more

Create role-specific content with ClickUp AI

Use research-based prompts to create role-specific content like proposals, project plans, and customer communications. ClickUp AI Tools are prompts written by people working in that role.

Here are a few examples of how AI Tools can help:

  • Sales and marketing: Create clear and effective communications with customers.
  • Product and engineering: Ship more products by automating core document creation.
  • Services: Deliver more value with instant proposals, analysis, and reports.
  • Project Management: Create detailed proposals and plans in seconds.
  • Customer support and success: Help customers through onboarding, upsells, and retention.

Roles and prompts

AI Tools offers 13 roles and over 100 prompts. Each prompt asks you to provide specific info. The generated content is customized with the info you provide.

Following are a few prompts available for each role:

Role Prompt Use
Design Create a design persona Create a design persona including, age, goals, pain points, and behaviors.
  Document the design component Create the design component, including best practices, use cases, and examples of how these components can be used.
  Brainstorm potential user journeys Brainstorm user journeys, including related personas, related products, and value propositions.
Engineering Write technical specifications Doc Create a technical specification Doc for IT requests.
  Generate code snippet Generate a snippet of code for any project.
  Create a sprint retrospective report Create a retrospective report for a completed sprint.
HR Create job listing Create a job listing for any role and industry.
  Create onboarding materials Create new onboarding materials. Specify key points to include, like company values and meeting schedule.
  Write communication brief Create a brief with a specified audience. 

Create test plan

Create a test plan and test case. Include systems involved and testing type.
  Write business requirements Doc Create a business requirements Doc for IT requests.
  Generate knowledgebase article Create an article based on the talking points you provide. 
Marketing Generate keyword clusters Generate keyword clusters based on the topics or keywords you provide.
  Write a case study Create a case study including the challenges and results you provide.
  Plan marketing event Create an event based on the event type and target audience you specify.
Product Write product requirements document (PRD) Create a PRD based on the problem, solution, and measure of success you provide. 
  Create go-to-market plan Create a plan based on the product and target audience you specify. 
  Analyze user interview notes Paste your notes and questions and AI analyzes user sentiment and key takeaways.
Project Create a project RACI matrix Create a RACI matrix based on the project description and objectives you provide.
  Organize a list of tasks Organize your tasks based on the project goals you provide. 
  Convert to Paste existing content and ask AI to change the formatting. 
Sales Write customer email Write an email including your specified email purpose, talking points, and tone of voice. 
  Analyze spreadsheet columns Paste quantitative data from two columns and AI will analyze it for trends, outliers, or correlations.
  Write call followup Paste a call transcript and AI will write an appropriate follow-up.
SEO Write featured snippet text Create snippet text based on keywords, tone of voice, and level of creativity you specify.
  Write SEO article brief Create a brief that specifies the target audience, main and secondary keywords, and article goals.
  Generate blog titles Generate blog titles based on the topic, target audience, content purpose, tone of voice, and level of creativity you provide. 
Services Create sales to service handoff Streamline handing off new customers/clients to services based on sales notes and customer goals you provide. 
  Create onsite agenda Create an agenda by providing topics.
  Create services status report Generate a status report using your project notes.
Social Create customer story post Create a customer story post, targeting a specific audience, in the right format for the social media platform you specify. 
  Write influencer marketing outreach Generate outreach by specifying a product or service, the influencer niche, and key selling points. 
  Create content calendar Create a content calendar based on your target audience, topics, and posting frequency. 
Success Develop champion plan Create a plan to identify and engage with product champions based on your product or service and target customer segment.
  Teach me about a customer's job Create an in-depth job description by providing the industry and job title. 
  QBR deck outline Create an outline by providing the product or service, industry, and KPIs. 
Support Process (SOP) Create the outline of an SOP by providing a description. 
  Ideate quarterly OKRs Create an OKR table by providing your company goals, department strategy, and team metrics. 
  Organize a list of tasks Organize your tasks based on the project goals you provide.

In addition to the role-based categories in the above table, there is a group of email templates and popular tools. 

Following are a few prompts available for each group:

Group Prompt Use


You can also use ClickUp AI to write an email from a task comment.

Write abandoned cart email Write an abandoned cart email by specifying a product, target audience, incentive, and selling points. 
  Thank you email

Generate a thank you email by listing some talking points and specifying tone of voice. 

  Reply to email Generate an email reply by pasting the email to reply to, your talking points, and specifying tone of voice. 
Popular Generate template Generate a template by describing a workflow or process. 
  Table with data Create a table from a description of the data. 

Use a ClickUp AI Tool

Like all AI features, you can access ClickUp AI Tools anywhere in ClickUp that accepts text.

To use an AI Tool:

  1. Open AI Tools.
  2. From the AI Tools modal, click to open the AI Tools dropdown and select a department.
    • The default department is Popular. After a different department is selected, that becomes the default. 
    • In some locations, you can click the search icon to search for an AI Tool.
      Screenshot showing how to navigate AI Tools.png
  3. Select a prompt, like Product description.
  4. Provide the info required for the prompt, Product name, for example.
    • From the dropdown, you can select from the different tones and creativity levels.
    • Tone of voice: Choose the right tone for your audience, from professional to humorous. 
    • Creativity: Default is Medium. Select High to generate more creative text or Low for text with less flair.
      Experiment using different combinations of creativity and tone to get the text just right! 
  5. Click Generate

Screenshot showing how to use AI Tools to generate content from a prompt.

After the text is generated, you have the following options:

  • Insert: Click Insert to paste the content into the location.
  • Edit: Click the pencil icon to edit your prompt.
  • Copy: Click the copy icon and manually paste the text into another location. You can also manually copy any part of the generated text.
  • Try Again: Click the circular arrow icon to generate a different response from the same prompt.
  • Tell AI what to do next: Reprompt AI by typing a related prompt or giving AI more direction. For example, you could type Translate to German. Or Summarize this and write an email.
    In some locations, you can create a task or a Doc with the generated content.

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