Install ClickUp using Windows Installer

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Windows users can download ClickUp as an MSI file and install it on devices using Windows Installer.

Install ClickUp

To install ClickUp using Windows Installer:

  1. Go to
  2. Right-click Command Prompt and choose to open it as an Administrator.
  3. Replace the filler information and run the following command: msiexec /an "MSI Download Location" TARGETDIR="Target Install Location" /qn.
    • Replace MSI Download Location with the directory location it was downloaded. For example, the directory location could be C:\Temp\ClickUp.MSI.
    • Replace Target Install Location with the directory location you want to install ClickUp. For example, the direction location could be C:\Program Files\ClickUp\.
  4. ClickUp will now appear in your target install location.

Shortcuts may need to be created manually.


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