Intro to legacy reporting

Legacy reporting will be deprecated soon. Our support team no longer troubleshoots related bugs. Learn more about our new Dashboards feature!

With legacy reporting, you can visualize task data in your Workspace and customize the data based on the information that you'd like to see.



Was du wissen musst

Customize your reports

You can customize the information displayed on the reporting pages using the following options located at the top of the page:

  • Workspace location: Choose the Spaces, Folders, or Lists in your Workspace where you'd like to pull the data from.

  • Period: Choose the period of time you'd like to monitor.

  • Status: On all reporting pages except for Completed, you can choose to display only tasks in specific statuses.

  • Archived/Not archived: Choose whether to display archived tasks or only tasks that are not archived.

  • Filter: Use any standard filter to customize the information further.

  • Calculate: Use this field to calculate a column's sum, average, or range of all values. At the bottom of each column, you'll find the Calculate Field.


Report types

There are seven different reports on the legacy reporting page.



The Completed report shows tasks completed by each person. A task completed is counted towards a user if they were assigned to the task when it was closed.

  • Lead Time: This column shows the amount of time that it took, from the moment of task creation, for the task to be completed.


With the Worked On report, you can see the tasks that each user has been active in. "Activity" is defined as any action performed in a task.



The Workspace Points report displays how many actions have happened in your Workspace and which user did them:

  • Comments Added: The number of comments added to tasks that fit your filters.

  • Resolved Comments: The number of comments that have been resolved.

  • Tasks Completed: The number of tasks that have been closed.

  • Worked On: The number of tasks that a user has performed any activity in.

  • Total Points: The totals for each user and across the Workspace.

Wer ist im Rückstand

The Who's Behind report shows which Workspace members are behind on assigned work using the following options:

  • Total Uncleared Notifications: The number of notifications that have not been cleared for a given Workspace member.

  • Total Overdue tasks: The number of overdue tasks that a Workspace member has.

Note: Who's Behind does not provide a time period filter because the total uncleared notifications and overdue tasks represent your Workspace's current state.


Erfasste Zeit

See how much time each person in your Workspace has tracked, including time tracked manually and automatically, using the ClickUp Chrome extension, or other time tracking integrations.


Geschätzte Zeit

Time Estimated report shows the time estimated in your Workspace, in addition to the amount of time tracked. The Time Remaining column calculates (time estimated) - (time tracked).


Note: This report does not provide a time period filter since it represents the total time estimate in your Workspace.


Benutzerdefinierte Felder

With the Custom Fields report, you can display tasks that include a value for a specific Custom Field.


To set up a Custom Field report:

  1. Click +Add field and select a Custom Field from the options. For each Custom Field you choose, a column will be added. Only tasks with the selected Custom Field will be shown.

    • Note: Click the + button to add another Custom Field.

  2. Optional: Use the filters to choose specific field values with operators such as is set and is not set.

  3. Optional: Set a Calculation Field at the bottom of each column to calculate sum, average, or range.


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