Share your feedback with ClickUp

Wir arbeiten daran, unsere Hilfecenter-Artikel zu übersetzen. Du kannst unser Hilfecenter auch auf Englisch nutzen oder uns kontaktieren, um Feedback zu geben.

Have an idea for improving ClickUp or some feedback you want to share? We use public Canny boards to capture ideas for new features and suggestions for improving current features! 

Our team takes every post, comment, and vote into consideration as we add new features and improvements to ClickUp.

Share feedback on Canny

You can submit a feature request using the Resource Center inside ClickUp. You'll need to sign in to Canny to create new posts, vote, and comment on our feedback boards. We'll link your Canny profile with your ClickUp account automatically.

To access the Resource Center:

  1. In the lower-left corner of your Workspace, click your avatar.
  2. Select Help.
  3. Click Request a feature.

Types of feedback boards

There are several feedback boards we use to keep posts organized:


Canny board type Description
Feature Requests Vote on improvements to the features available in ClickUp, or suggest new ones.
Mobile Feature Requests Suggest improvements to the mobile app.
Integrations Suggest an app or platform we should integrate with ClickUp.
Vote for the languages you want to see ClickUp translated into.

After you create or interact with a post, you'll receive status updates via email as the feature request moves through our product development workflow. Our team also posts comments in Canny asking for more information or sharing updates. You are always notified by email if mentioned in a post.

In the spirit of transparency, we can't guarantee that every request will make it into ClickUp, but we take your feedback to heart and keep your votes and comments in mind!

To say updated on all new changes, we recommend checking our weekly release notes to see all the new features we add, improvements we're making, and the bugs we're fixing.

Check the changelog

You can check our changelog for a quick summary of the most recent updates we've made.

To access the changelog from ClickUp:

  1. In the lower-left corner of your Workspace, click your avatar.
  2. Select Help.
  3. Click what's new.
  4. Use the filters on the left to refine the results.

Screenshot of the changelog in Canny.


Frequently asked questions about feedback and Canny:

Q: How do I share an improvement idea with ClickUp?

A: First, search our Canny boards to see if there is an existing feature request.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Find the right feedback board, like Feature Requests.
  3. In the upper-right corner, search for keywords and phrases related to the request.

If you find a similar request, vote for it and add a comment explaining your suggestion.

If you can't find a similar post, you can create a new one by filling out the details in the Submit a Feature Request section. We recommend using screenshots and screen recordings to share as many details as possible.

Q: Can I contribute to an existing Canny post?

A: You can add your vote to a post to show you agree with the idea. To vote, click the up arrow next to any post. Our team reads every Canny post regardless of the number of votes.

Gif of someone voting on a Canny post.

Q: How can I report a bug?

A: Report bugs to our Technical Support team using this form.

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