Mobile Home Screen widgets for iOS and Android

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Get organized and take action instantly with ClickUp widgets on your phone's home screen!

How to create a widget

Create a task or reminder, or even view your top tasks for today, right from your phone's home screen! Both iOS and Android devices have the Add task widget and Add reminder widget available.
Note: Home screen widgets are available on Apple devices running iOS 14 or later

To create widgets on iOS:

  1. Long hold on your screen until you enter "jiggle mode"

  2. Hit the + button in the upper right corner

  3. Search for ClickUp and select the widget

There are 3 different iOS widgets types:

  1. 1 Small Add Task widget

  2. 1 Small Add Reminder widget

  3. 1 Medium Today View widget with a quick create button (task or reminder)

  4. 1 Large Today View widget with a create task + create reminder quick action

Add Task

Quickly create tasks from anywhere using this small widget! To setup the Add Task widget, long hold it until you get the option to "Edit widget."

Once in edit mode, you'll see the following options appear:

  • Workspace (required) - choose which Workspace you'd like to create a task in

  • List (required) - choose what List you'd like to create a new task in

  • Assignee (optional) - pre-select someone to assign the task to

  • Priority (optional) - pre-select the task priority

  • Name (optional) - pre-fill the task name for even faster entry!

Once you've set up the widget with your desired settings, simply tap on it to create a task!

Add Reminder

Since reminders work across Workspaces, you can create reminders on the go using this widget with no setup required! Simply tap the widget to instantly open the app and create a reminder.

Gif showing someone creating a reminder in the Android moble app.

Today View

The Today View widget shows you the top tasks you have to do today. You can choose between medium and large sizes for this widget!

To setup either widget, add them to your phone's home screen and long hold until you can select "Edit widget." Both sizes of widgets require you to select which Workspace you'd like to see tasks from.

The medium-sized widget has one additional option to toggle the quick-create task button to be a quick-create reminder button instead. The large widget is big enough to show both Add Task and Add Reminder buttons at the same time, so this option is unnecessary!

All tasks and reminders will appear in the Today View widget in the same order you have set in your Home on ClickUp.

Gif of the 'today' card in the Android mobile app.

To create widgets on Android:

There are 3 different types of home screen widgets.

  1. Create task

  2. Create reminder

  3. Today

Both Create task and Create reminder can be pinned to your home screen from the Android widget gallery to quickly create tasks and reminders on the go!

Gif of someone creating a ClickUp card on Android.

Add the Today widget to your home screen from the widget gallery - available when holding down on the app. Upon adding, you will be prompted to choose a Workspace you would like to see the tasks you need to do today from. You can resize this widget to be as big as you want.

Gif of someone adding the 'today' card to their mobile home screen from the card gallery.

Android Share Extension

Quickly share any image, file, or link from anywhere on your device directly into ClickUp!

Find an inspirational video to share with your team? Use the share extension to create a new task and kickoff your new idea! You can even select the Workspace and List for where your new task will live.

On any website:

  1. Click the ellipsis ... menu

  2. Click share

  3. Select ClickUp

  4. Create task or reminder in the app!

You have full customization capabilities here to select a location, add attachments, mark priority, and more!

Gif of someone sharing a website link from their mobile browser to their ClickUp app.

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